HUGE? How To Deal With 381 Modules, 174GB Database And 200 Million Row Tables

Speaker(s) Khalid Baheyeldin

  • What are the challenges when you have a huge site?
  • What if just importing the database takes days?
  • What if several tables had tens of millions of rows, and some had a few hundreds of millions rows?
  • What if the site had the most number of enabled Drupal modules ever?
  • How do you deal with such a site?
  • What issues are there hosting and managing such a site?
  • What is this site anyways?
To hear about all the above and much more, vote this session up! See you in Toronto in November.

Presentation Slides

Presentation Video

HUGE? How To Deal with 381 Modules, 174GB Database and 200 Million Row Tables from DrupalCamp Toronto on Vimeo.

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