Drupal As A RESTful Backend For Client Side Applications

Speaker(s) Arvin Singla

Building client side applications almost always requires a RESTful backend to push and pull data. Drupal with the Services suite of modules allows you to convert your existing Drupal site into a REST API exposing your data and users to the world as you see fit. This opens up a wide world of possibilities including integration with client side applications and mobile applications. This session will cover the basics of setting up and exposing services in Drupal 7. We will also wire up these services to a simple BackboneJS application to demonstrate reading and writing data to and from the site. Session Outline:
  • Introduction to REST and Drupal Services
  • Use cases for exposing a RESTful API
  • Demonstration of setting up simple services
  • Demonstration of integrating services with a BackboneJS application

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